Ready Player One
E-sports game portal

Rethinking e-sports gaming portals

Sometimes I like to challenge myself and work on something I haven't worked on before. I always wanted to try my hand on something e-sports/gaming related. So one day I decided to create an e-sports gaming community portal.

Concept Design, UX/UI Design
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A small styleguide for Ready Player One.

A dashboard for your e-sports news

The homepage (or dashboard) has an Instagram Stories-like automatic flow for featured stories. The user can see how long it takes for the next slider to appear and can see how many slides are left. The most popular platforms all have their own dedicated landingpage and they can easily be reached from the homepage.

Leaderboards for the win

All major e-sports games have their seasonal global leaderboards top 5 on the homepage. The user can navigate to the full leaderboard, which has a dedicated page on the site.

Go premium or go home

Users can get a premium Plus+ Account through a subscription model. This allows them to unlock more features on the site. All premium sections are easily recognizable through a green color.