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Some years ago when HTML5 just emerged, I started a design showcase site for sites taking advantage of HTML5's techniques together with great graphic design. Over the years it has grown bigger and bigger (at the moment of this writing the twitter account associated with the site has over 36k followers). I recently decided to rebrand it to HTML Showcase since HTML5 is no longer being used.

Concept Design, UX/UI Design
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A small styleguide for HTML Showcase.

Site of the Day Cards

The most important part of the site are the Site of the Day Winners. Throughout the website you'll find these blocks everywhere. All galleries use these blocks for a unified look and feel. The likes are also shown in these blocks, so visitors can immediatly see the popularity of a certain gallery entry.

Big images, small screens

The initial design for HTML5 Showcase wasn't responsive, since that wasn't a thing back then. For the new design I created a fully responsive layout with a 12-column grid.

Site of the Day

There is a lot of room reserved for the screenshot of the Site of the Day entry, since that is the most important part of this page. And since feedback is also appreciated, the comments are beneath the SOTD entry.